We’re putting the real back into real estate.

Real knowledge of neighborhoods. Real understanding of the buying, selling and investing process. And a real expertise in delivering satisfaction and dedication to our customers. That’s us. A boutique real estate company with a deep knowledge of Dane County and an even deeper knowledge of the Madison area that home buyers and sellers need for successful results. That’s The Hub Realty and that’s where we stand; at the intersection of satisfaction and dedication.

In addition to keeping it real, we also keep it in perspective because of our experience in the buying and selling process, our deep knowledge of the market, and our superlative analysis and negotiating skills when we help you buy or sell a home.


historical storefront of The Hub

The Hub, A Family Legacy

The Hub was a locally owned, renowned, and respected business that spanned four generations and almost 100 years in the Madison area. It is a proud member of Madison’s Retail History for customer service, chamber of commerce, Rotary, and United Way of Dane County.

The Hub clothing store, opened in 1898 by F.J. Schmitz on the capitol square at 22 W. Mifflin Street, specialized in fine men’s clothing. F.J. Schmitz’ son Ed eventually took over as the 2nd generation. The Hub developed a robust civic connection with Madison and the University of Wisconsin. After Ed passed, his son Robert took over, and this 3rd generation grew the business city-wide with the opening of other stores, one downtown on West Gorham, one near East Towne, and another at Hilldale.

The Hub closed its doors in the 1990’s but the legacy continues with a 5th generation that has its history and spirit close to their heart in serving Madison and the surrounding area.

Photo Credit: Wisconsin Historical Society, WHS-4961

The Revel Is In The Details

Or put another way, you’ll rejoice at our attention to detail.

We’re hand holders. Realtors with big shoulders. Who take care of householders whether they’re buyers or sellers. We’re involved in every step of the real estate process and communicate constantly with our clients. Want the best and most affordable staging for your home or condo? We do it. Need an instant property valuation. Done. Looking for a custom market report. The Magic 8-Ball says, “It is certain.” We’ll keep an eye on everything just as Fred Rogers kept an eye on the neighborhood.


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