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Meet Katie and Ryan Schmitz

A Couple of Pros

Hey, there! We’re Katie and Ryan Schmitz. Husband and wife duo. Proud UW-Madison alumni. Founders of The Hub Realty, and here to give you both a fun-loving and elevated approach to high-quality real estate service.

It all began with Katie, who earned her real estate license and gained invaluable experience early on in her career working for a boutique firm selling condos in downtown Madison.

Ryan, who’d already purchased his first investment property right outside of college, was intrigued by real estate, even though he was already making his way in corporate America in various sales and marketing positions.

Even then, we knew we wanted to work together some day.

But to understand our story – our full story – you have to go to our roots, planted right here in Madison, Wisconsin. Together, we’re picking up the Schmitz legacy, building on a longstanding tradition of exceptional customer relationships and a family business that started it all: The Hub.

Those who’ve been a part of the Madison community for a good amount of time will likely remember the origins of The Hub. It began as a fine men’s clothier back in 1898, and served the community for generations right on the capitol square for nearly 100 years.

Having a deep pride in this family history is what made it such an incredible and meaningful decision for us, as a married couple working side-by-side, to bring The Hub into a new era and a new avenue of business.

We’d spent the better part of our separate careers growing our rental portfolio together; all-the-while, Katie continued to enjoy her work as a Realtor on her own. But the ultimate goal was for Ryan to leave his corporate job and to join Katie full-time in the real estate realm.

Finally, the dream we’d worked toward for almost a decade had come together after hard work, a leap of faith, and a family legacy right here in Madison that was the foundation for everything we stood for.

The Hub Realty – our boutique real estate firm — was born.  The rest, as they say, is history.

Over time, our business grew along with our passion for providing a turn-key, lifestyle-driven real estate service to our community. But even though our business and office furnishings have changed over our collective 10+ years of real estate service (although, we still share a desk from time-to-time), one thing hasn’t:

The love for our city and helping families connect to life in downtown Madison, Wisconsin. It’s what we do best.

Join us at The Hub Realty and discover what this city has to offer.

All in the Family

Our combined love and passion for real estate has grown – just like we have – by working together.

At our core, The Hub Realty begins and ends with the simple pursuit of helping families find their space in this dynamic, urban area we’ve called home all our lives.

Working with us means this is the start of a relationship. The start of engaging with Realtors who value a professional approach. Who treat your home purchase, sale, or investment process as though it was their own.

At The Hub Realty, we pride ourselves on supporting you and helping you grow. After all, that’s what families do.

We’re a laid-back but hardworking group of Realtors and Madison community enthusiasts, proud about what makes us different in a wild and fast-paced market.

For us, our mission is simple. We know we’re onto something unique here in the way we approach our business.

Why? Because we offer so much more than real estate. When you choose The Hub Realty, you’re linking arms with a team who will serve you with their whole hearts and expertise.

We’re out to build a company that’s worthy of our spirited ethos as well as the smart, trusting, committed clients we’ve managed to attract. Each of us gives something of ourselves to this place – and the Madison community, both your haven and ours. Because we think a hard day here is better than a good day anywhere else.

As a team with strengths that work together like a spritely, garnished cocktail, we’re motivated by the chance to change the real estate experience and by the rewarding work of helping clients find a home to call their own. For us, it’s about helping our clients have the lifestyle they’ve always wanted and empowering them to get after what they’ve always dreamed of.

As we continue to grow, one thing keeps us grounded and pursuing the same mission. It keeps us at the desk when we should probably go on home, or takes us back to our newest listing to tweak the staging details one more time when the first approach was just fine.

What propels us forward isn’t the accolades, or even our cherished clients (of which we have both).

It’s our family. Turns out, that’s everything.

Now, You’re Part of the Story

Whether you’re buying your first home, selling a house you love, or flipping the switch on your fifth investment property, there’s a place for you at The Hub Realty.

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