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At the Hub Realty, we love to call the Madison area our home and assist people with buying and selling properties in our area. The purpose of this blog is to educate on the real estate purchase process, provide useful tips to buyers, sellers and homeowners, and to have fun exploring the ins and outs of our wonderful community and the amazing lifestyle that it offers. Thank you for stopping by!

7 Simple Ways To Protect Your Home From Fire

The weather is chilly and good times are made by bonfires with friends or snuggled up by the fireplace. Controlled fires are great. They add an ambiance in a way that nothing else can. In many ways, fires give us a reason to look forward to winter. They’re our blazing beacon of light and comfort into our darkest and coldest season. But only if they’re used safely and responsibly. We were all taught the stop-drop-and-roll as children. But we weren’t all taught how to check for electrical wiring risks. When it comes to safety, preventative measures are key. Protect yourself, your family, and your biggest asset with these 7 safeguards:

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