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At the Hub Realty, we love to call the Madison area our home and assist people with buying and selling properties in our area. The purpose of this blog is to educate on the real estate purchase process, provide useful tips to buyers, sellers and homeowners, and to have fun exploring the ins and outs of our wonderful community and the amazing lifestyle that it offers. Thank you for stopping by!

Embrace the Buzz-Free Zone: Plants that Naturally Keep Bugs Away Outdoors!

Imagine this: you’re basking in the sunshine in your backyard, enjoying a lazy afternoon, when suddenly, buzz, buzz, buzz—here come the bugs to crash the party. But don’t fret! Mother Nature has bestowed upon us some trusty allies in the fight against pesky insects: bug-repelling plants. Let’s take a deeper dive into these green guardians and how they can transform your outdoor space into a bug-free haven, minus all the formalities.

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