Yea, It’s The Hub Of What We Do

At The Hub Realty, we not only help our buyers and sellers with their homes, we also work closely with real estate investors and the Madison area multifamily market. Whether you’re just starting out and looking for your first duplex, or have a goal to grow your existing portfolio with high quality properties, we encourage you to contact Ryan Schmitz by text or email at 608-345-0150 or to discuss your next potential real estate investment.

In 2020, The Hub Realty sold over $15MM in multifamily housing alone with half of that volume coming from off-market properties. Ryan simplifies the process, he’ll explain the various lending options, will walk you through real life examples, and will likely have 2-3 specific properties that could be a good fit before we’re done with the first meeting.

Ryan and Katie Jo Schmitz

We’re Here To Assist You With Every Need

Ryan and Katie have been investing in high-quality real estate since 2010 and continue to self manage nearly 100 tenants today. In 2019, we started a full-time repair and remodeling company and have two talented and gifted full-time employees that are ready to assist you with any deferred maintenance, building upgrades, kitchen/bath remodeling and other valuable services. We understand the cost of labor and materials, and we also understand how you can make money from your investment. Whether you’re interested in buying or selling investment properties, we are here to assist you with every need.

Please call, text or email Ryan at 608-345-0150 or to discuss your upcoming investment.