It’s About the Big Picture

Most people like the idea of doing something big. Taking charge. Building wealth. And having a tangible representation of the life they’re building for themselves.

It’s a long game. At The Hub Realty , it’s what we’re all about. When you tag us in to help you find your ideal investment property, you’re bringing on a group who knows the ins-and-outs of property investing.From property ownership, to serving as a landlord – we know exactly what you’re getting into, because we’ve been there, too.

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A Foundation Built on Collaboration

You could say that networking is our superpower; and it’s no surprise that it helps us stand out. First and foremost, we lead with cooperation and flexibility. When we search for a property, we truly put the needs of our clients first. They deserve the best of the best – nothing less.

This level of cooperation and one-on-one specialization is unmatched in our area. And we’re honored to serve and help our clients grow their portfolios in this way.

Your Ultimate “Numbers Guy”

When you’re beginning your real estate investment venture, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

How do you anticipate your expenses? How do you know your investment will be worth it in the long run?

How do you even know you’re evaluating a property correctly?

Enter Ryan Schmitz. Your “numbers guy.”

Not only are his evaluations of properties accurate, he’s a teacher. A guide who knows the ins and outs of the multifamily housing market. After you book your first meeting, he’ll likely have a list of a few properties that best fit your needs in his pocket – it’s just how he rolls.

What’s more, he’ll walk you through the lending process step-by-step.

Because when it comes to growing your portfolio, there should never be a question of value.

Our investment clients hire us because they see us as true partners: like-minded in confidence and care for their futures, with the ability to bring our chops to the table and give generously of our expertise.

Leading by Example

Our team consistently ranks #1 of all agents in Dane County for multi-family sales; a feat that truly showcases the dedication and expertise The Hub Realty brings to the real estate table for investor clients.

Ryan bought his first property in 2010. After a decade of investing experience together, we’ve grown our portfolio to owning and self-managing approximately 150 units.

From there, we grew a home repair and remodeling company with full-time support to assist clients in upgrades to their investment properties.

Working with us, at The Hub Realty, connects you with consummate real estate professionals who not only know the ins-and-outs of the market, but share a deep knowledge of the responsibility and upkeep it takes to be a successful investor.

Our experience makes us the perfect partners in helping you grow your business.

It’s time to grow your portfolio alongside the real pros!

Please call, text or email Ryan at 608-345-0150 or to discuss your upcoming investment.