I grew up in a DIY household. My parents re-roofed our family home, added a full addition; there was always a project going on. It was a big part of my childhood. But I’ve learned in adulthood that not everyone gets a home-grown DIY education or has a garage perma-covered in sawdust.

I’ve had several close friends buy “fixer-uppers.” They spend years salvaging the materials before beginning their project. They sleep on the floor and read by flashlight until the electricity is re-wired. When they do eventually finish the project, it’s inspiring. It is the highest quality craftsmanship. They take enormous pride in knowing their home is how they dreamed it would be. And they feel satisfied in knowing they’ve done the work with their own two hands. Typically, they’ve accomplished this impressive feat with a jaw-droppingly small budget. I admire these people so much. But I also understand that this doesn’t work for everyone. I know how six months of living in a construction zone could cause someone to spiral.

But I’ve also learned that there are several home improvement projects that, really, honestly, anyone can do.

Tear Down Wallpaper

Have you ever toured a gorgeous home where every single room was plastered in hideous wallpaper from the ’80s? You know what I’m talking about; those large floral prints are unmistakable. You may even spot a floral-stripe combo. Replacing a house full of wallpaper can be time-consuming. But it’s not difficult or expensive. The only casualty might be your manicure. But to help with this, you can purchase a steamer at Home Depot for $50. It’s easy to make wallpaper tearing fun. Have a contest with your family or friends to see who can tear off the biggest piece; the loser buys pizza. Or, if you’re having a bad day at work, take all that negative energy out on your walls. Tear off that wallpaper until your troubles are a thing of the past.


You don’t need to be an artist to paint your interiors. Paint is inexpensive and easy to apply. And the wonderful thing about this home improvement project? Your shopping list is super small. All you need is:

  • Ground tarps
  • Painter’s tape
  • Rollers
  • Roller Tray
  • Small paintbrush

That’s it!

The most important thing about painting is protecting the other features of the room. That’s what the painter’s tape and tarps are for. Make sure your flooring and furniture are well covered. And tape off any molding. Before you get the rollers involved, carefully cut in the edges with the small paintbrush. This will provide you with a buffer you need to protect the room’s most delicate features. Depending on the color, you may need to add multiple paint coats to ensure a smooth paint job. Start with a primer layer if you have a more prominent color you are painting over.  Or, if you are painting over something lighter, you may be okay with paint that includes a primer.  

Here’s the best thing about mastering this DIY skill:

If you don’t like the final result, you can easily change it!


Digging around in the dirt is fun! And you don’t have to be gifted with a green thumb to make improvements to your property. If you’re worried about it, you can exclusively buy plants that are hard to kill. Since I am a professional plant killer, this is a must for me!  When in doubt, hanging ferns and seasonal flower pots on the doorstep make a huge difference as well. So does mapping out flowerbeds with rocks. Just add mulch and plant a few mature shrubberies. It will transform your lawn from the wild west to an intentional landscaped yard.  If you get really into it, you can join the Home Depot Garden Club. The Garden Club offers discounts, coupons, and regular gardening tips.  

Adding Backsplash

Did you know some kitchen backsplash is peel n’ stick? Mind-blowing, I know! You know, all those gorgeous subway tiles and shiplap backsplashes on modern farmhouses? Peel n’ Stick! And it’s long-lasting and easy to take care of.  You can order it peel n’ stick tiles from Home DepotWayfair, or Amazon.  

Painting Cabinets

Cabinet painting is a fantastic way to give your home a fresh, modern look. Whether you’re opting for a clean, white look or something dark and moody, you’ll likely have to do some lite sanding before dipping into the paint for this project. Re-use your painter’s tape and tarps from your wall painting projects to make sure your paint job is neat, clean, and doesn’t affect the other features of your home. Make sure you take your paint shoes off before walking through the different parts of the house.  If you’re painting your cabinets a lighter color, you’ll likely have to apply multiple coats. Or, if you want something more subtle, you can opt for a simple wood stain. If you’re going to totally transform your cabinets, buy some new cabinet handles for them too. They’re easy to install. All you need to have is a screwdriver. You can opt for boujee crystal handles or something sleek and stainless steel. These can be fun to shop for. Many local art shops will have artisan cabinet handles that are fun to pick through if that’s your style. Or you can browse on Etsy.

Light Fixtures

Replacing light fixtures is easy and instantly transformative.  It can make your home go from basic or dated to completely current and high end.  Light fixtures can also transform the style of your home. Picture the difference in the ambiance given by a modern sputnik piece of hardware vs. a crystal chandelier. The good news? It’s as easy as screwing on a lightbulb, almost.  This one might take a little more research/safety measures as you’ll need to disconnect and re-connect a few wires too. Most importantly, you’ll need to turn off the power to that room before changing the fixtures. Safety first!  Here is a quick guide on how to replace/install light fixtures. Once you’ve transformed your interior, don’t forget about your exterior light fixtures!

Think Big Picture

When you’re touring homes, try to envision the big picture. Small DIY tasks like these can significantly improve the value of your investment. If you like the bones of the home, you can tweak the details until it’s the home of your dreams. Want to run ideas past someone? I’d love to brainstorm with you!