Aside from weight loss benefits, a regular exercise routine is mood-boosting and stimulating. But workout regimes only work if they fit your lifestyle. Exercise has to be something that you find fun and enjoyable. There’s no one right solution for everyone. Hopping on a bike and enjoying the fresh air on Madison’s greenways could be the right choice. But you may also need something more intensive or more social. There’s no right or wrong answer! But luckily, Madison has some seriously incredible gym options. We’ve broken them all down for you in an all-inclusive list. 

Local Madison Athletic Clubs

“Darling, let’s have lunch at the club!”

It seems like all the elite in old movies and TV always have a membership in a club. In today’s world, this has always seemed a bit austere. What are these “clubs” where you exercise, dine, and show off your newest Tiffany broach? Madison’s locally owned athletic clubs are decidedly unpretentious. But they feature top-of-the-line equipment but remain family-friendly and casual.

Ford’s Gym

Ford’s is a self-proclaimed old-school gym. They have an entire floor of equipment, classes, and even a boxing ring. 

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Capital Fitness 

Located in the center of the isthmus, Capital Fitness is a convenient choice for downtown dwellers.

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Supreme Health & Fitness

This gym kind of has it all. An entire equipment floor, pool, classes, and racquetball court. In-house Raquetball tournaments give members an outlet for their competitive spirit. Parents can utilize the childcare playroom while they work out. 

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Local Madison Crossfit Gyms

People love cross-fit for many reasons. For those who despise repetition, Crossfit provides variety. The workouts will keep you on your toes. Every day is something new. High-Intensity Interval Training promises that you won’t even have to push yourself on each exercise for too long. You’ll stay moving… but switch things up enough so that you never totally feel burned out. Crossfit encourages friendly competition. And although you’re competing… the community and connections you build are undeniable. Think of it almost like army buddies. Those who suffer together form absolute bonds. 

CrossFit Recursive 

In the Marquette-Willy district, CrossFit Recursive offers fun group classes and personal training. This is a fantastic option for anyone with serious weight loss goals. Recursive offers support, accountability, and nutrition coaching.

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CrossFit Big Dane 

Big Dane CrossFit will give you a full-body workout every time (strength and cardio included!). Their modern warehouse-style facility has high-end equipment, and their staff is super supportive. Beginner and advanced training are available.

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CrossFit MadTown

This is an excellent option for any Middleton homeowners. This gym offers athletic performance training, classic CrossFit classes, and (our personal favorite) a “hot mamas” class designed for any woman (not just moms!) looking to get fit in an environment full of supportive, encouraging women.  

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Yoga & Barre Studios

Yoga is a gentle, soothing way to use your body. Every class uses only body weight and stretching (so there is much less risk of injury). It’s a natural way of moving that encourages long, lean, supple muscles. The focus on breathwork and spirituality speaks to many people. A yoga class can be a fantastic “reset” for the body, mind, and spirit. 

Dragonfly Hot Yoga 

Dragonfly is a local studio with locations all over town (downtown, Fitchburg, Middleton, and Sun Prairie!). They offer 17 different styles of yoga classes. Classic vinyasa flows will awaken the nervous system. Aroma Chakra Yin classes are slow and meditative. Barre classes are great for both strength and cardio. Fitness classes like “circuit up” and “power-up” are great options for anyone looking for more of a burn. Our favorite part? On nice days, they host outdoor classes. 

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Mala Yoga Center 

This gorgeous Monona studio instantly inspires a different headspace. Large windows, exposed brick, and minimalistic design are the perfect atmosphere for a soothing yoga class. They offer a variety of classes and boast an all-inclusive environment. 

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Perrenial is a rejuvenating studio that offers both gentle and challenging classes. They also offer yoga teacher training and help support their students through their journey. No matter if your goal is a new career or just to deepen your practice. 

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Climbing Gyms

Climbing is one of the most engaging forms of exercise. Climbing puts mental strength and physical strength in harmony. And once you incorporate techniques, the movement can feel as fluid as dancing.

Boulders Climbing Gym 

Boulders Gym has two locations in Madison. They have over 16,000 square feet of climbing space. And despite the name, they offer rope climbing as well as bouldering. They host regular classes and events. Members of the climbing gym also have access to a training room with treadmills, free weights, a punching bag, monkey bars, and weight lifting machines. 

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Summit Strength & Fitness

Summit is an excellent gym for any climbers who want to push past a plateau. Summit offers personal training and clinics to help aspiring climbers meet their goals. The gym’s routes are challenging and creative. 

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