Stage Your Home for a Quick Sale

The research has been done and staged homes sell 87 times faster. The numbers don’t lie! But why exactly do staged homes fly off the market at this staggering rate? Because it’s important to ignite the daydreamer in the home-browser. They’re not just visualizing their belongings in your home, they’re dreaming about the fabulous life they’re going to have once they move there. They’re going to stop spending Friday nights on the couch. Instead, they’re going to throw fabulous dinner parties on the veranda or have cozy family movie nights watching Charlie Brown by the fireplace. Now that they have more counter space… they’re going to finally try baking ciabatta from scratch.

As a seller, you have to tap into this psychology. It needs to be reflected in your home. But that sounds like such a chore, right? It doesn’t have to be. Here are a few 10-minute hacks that will help you transform your home into the daydream fuel.

1. Create Social Spaces

According to Psychology Today, most daydreams are social. Imagined interactions are powerful and motivating. Analyze your space and determine how you can make it appear more welcoming for guests. Set the table. Add candlesticks and placemats with the forks on the left side of the plate. Rearrange your furniture in a way that would inspire conversation. Don’t place your seating options too far apart in the living room. Make sure your sitting areas are comfortable and inviting. Add throw pillows and replace stacks of magazines with a singular coffee table book. If you have a backyard space, outdoor furniture immediately livens up the scene. Hang up some string lights or buy some dollar store tiki torches. Make it feel festive and party-ready.  

2. Declutter 

People want their life in their new home to be improved. No nick-nacks should be on display. You don’t have to Marie Kondo your entire house. But you’re planning on moving anyway, right? Use this opportunity to pack away any non-essentials. Put your memorabilia in boxes in the basement, attic, or closets. If you’re strapped for time, stuffing things in the closet or under the bed will do. I won’t tell.

3. Add Pops of Color 

Adding fresh bouquets of flowers around the house is a beautiful way to breathe life into your space. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy. Add lively throw pillows to your couches and armchairs. Add a bowl of fruit to the kitchen counter. Buy a colorful welcome mat for the front door. Consider a seasonal wreath and potted plants for the entryway. 

4. Timeless Decor Only

Have you chosen to incorporate new furniture pieces and art into your staged home? If so, be sure to stay timeless and neutral. Style trends are so much fun. But making your house too trendy can be a mistake. The person viewing your home may have a completely different style. And although each piece is decidedly temporary, it can be hard to see past statement pieces.

So what exactly is “timeless decor”?

Use stripes, botanicals, damasks, and plaids. Avoid chevrons, geometric patterns, or animal prints. Keep your decor displays symmetrical. When in doubt—opt for minimalism. 

5. Remove Personal Items and Divisive Decor

It’s time to pack away your family photos. Remove quirky magnets and postcards from the fridge. If you have anything religious or political adorning your walls, it’s time to put it in a box.  

6. Make Your Rooms Look Bigger

Not every home has tall, robust, vaulted ceilings. Sometimes you need to “raise the roof” yourself. Adding draperies and curtains draws the eyes up and gives the impression of lifting the ceiling several feet. Stay light and neutral with your curtain colors. 

7. Enhance Natural Light

Lighting. Is. Everything. Follow this mantra. Imagine your dream house. Is it a chic downtown loft with exposed brick? Is it a log cabin in the woods? Now picture it with the same fluorescent lights you may find in a dentist’s office. Was the illusion shattered? I’ll bet that it was. Lighting is everything. Open your curtains and blinds in every room. If there’s a room that is low in natural light, add floor lamps and table lamps to the room. Use soft glow bulbs or edison bulbs instead of bright white bulbs. No harsh light should be in your house unless it’s natural.

8. Use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser 

Clean your house like you would for company. Dust all surfaces and baseboards. Make the beds. Clean the dishes and put them in their proper place. Sweep and mop the floors (even on your patio or sunroom!). Then, when you’re done, scan your house walls scuffs and bumps. Use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to wipe away these imperfections without having to do a total paint job. 

9. Control Your Aromas

It may be tempting to light a candle, use a fragrance plug-in, or a room spray. But keep in mind that a buyer may have different scent preferences. Or they may have sensitivities to fragrances in general. When it comes to aromas, it’s best to stay neutral.  As a rule of thumb, if your house is clean… it will smell clean. That’s the most important thing.

10. Don’t Forget About the Bathrooms

Bathrooms aren’t usually the most photogenic room in a house, but they’re still an important part of the staging scheme. Keep your toiletries put away and countertops clean. Launder your towels and keep them hung neatly on a rack or rolled on the countertop (hotel-style!) 

Most Importantly—Don’t Stress

Does all this intimidate you? It’s ok if so! The Hub Realty has lots of experience in this department. We provide all our clients with staging services and advice. Get in touch to learn more about how we can help you through this process. So many of our clients see the improvement in their home and tell us, “Wow—I should’ve made these changes years ago.” But not to worry. You can bring these tricks with you to your next fabulous home.