Interior design is constantly evolving. 2023 will incorporate trends from previous decades mixed with creative new ideas and bold colors. This year’s design trends strike a rare balance between timelessness and personality. Bookmark this article if you’re considering remodeling your home this year or sprucing it up for a sale.

Kitchen Cabinets that make a statement

Cabinets are the largest structural feature of modern kitchens. It makes sense for them to stand out. Choose your cabinet style and design the rest of your kitchen around it. Colorful kitchens will rule 2023 with warm tones and bold colors, rather than all-white and gray farmhouse kitchens. If you still like the light, fresh look of white, select a wall color with warmer white tones like oatmeal or ivory. Mix it with a natural finish (like sage) on your cabinets and pick out custom cabinet handles. 

Slab backsplash

For years we’ve seen renovations centered around peel-n-stick tiles. The white subway tile look dominated home and garden magazines, bragging about easy DIY renovation projects that were cosmopolitan yet homey. The simplicity of their installation inspired Pinterest lovers worldwide.  But there was one problem with this trend. Because it’s so easy to do… it can also look cheap and not exactly timeless. Peel n’ stick changed the game. And we don’t expect it to disappear immediately. But Haven hints that this trend is past its prime. Instead, we’ll begin to see more custom slab backsplashes. A slab backsplash is made of one piece of continuous material that compliments countertop surfaces. Granite, quartz, and marble are the most popular materials. Like any stonework, this look endures forever. Unfortunately it’s not something that can be done yourself. It requires a special craftsman to create a slab that fits the dimensions of your space. But the result is a classic look that’s durable and maintenance-free. Say goodbye to scrubbing grout lines!

In 2023, you’ll begin to see this feature more and more and not only in the kitchen. The low-maintenance, grout-free nature of slab makes it a popular option for bathrooms and showers too.

Natural materials

Natural materials like bamboo, cork, and rattan are making a comeback in a big way Textured indoor furniture is becoming more and more popular. They look great as accent pieces. Opt for a wicker bench, ottoman, or chez lounge.

TVs aren’t the focal point of living rooms 

When flat-screen smart TVs first hit the market they were the epitome of modernism. They were sleek, contemporary, and impressive. Households were proud to display them front and center in their living rooms. Now, smart TVs are commonplace and affordable. And we’ve since realized… they’re pretty ugly. In a thoughtfully curated living room, the big black box can be a distracting focal point. But many of us still like to relax with Netflix in the evenings. So what do we do?

There are a couple of different trends infiltrating the 2023 market.

Frame TVs.

These TVs cleverly look like framed pieces of art. It’s not until you hit the power button that they transform into a smart TV. The downside is that they’re pretty expensive. But there is a wealth of Youtubers that show how to transform your TV into one that mimics a professionally manufactured art TV. When it’s finished, hang it above your TV console like a piece of art. Or even create a gallery wall around it so that it blends in seamlessly.

Retro TV builds.

Several companies are now offering to turn your smart TV into a convincing vintage piece. They can sit on a tabletop or console, or stand on their legs.

TV Cabinets.

We’re starting to see more TV cabinets. Kind of like in the 90s, but with a more modern design to the cabinets. A beautiful hutch can hide all your ugly TVs and wires.

Nostalgia-inspired themes

In our fast-paced, digital world we all have bouts of nostalgia and a longing for “simpler times”. We can incorporate that into our homes through thoughtful details. Retro appliances and 50’s style furniture will make a comeback this year. If you’re not ready for a total home makeover, you can incorporate this trend through thoughtful details. Think of an old-fashioned tea kettle on the stove, or a SMEG toaster.

Wall Paneling 

Wall paneling is an easy project that adds character to a normal room. You can incorporate pre-made bead boards or create your design by cutting custom baseboards. Both classic and contemporary looks can be achieved with a panel wall. Custom geometric designs will be popular this year. Panel walls are a gorgeous way to create an accent wall without picking new paint colors.  

2023 Colors

2023 is all about coral-magenta tones. The largest paint companies have unveiled their picks for the colors of the year, and they all follow a similar theme. 

Magenta may seem shockingly bold but it pairs surprisingly well with neutral, earthy tones and moody turquoise and gold. 

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