Hunter Spear | A Rising Tide Lifts All Ships

My main mission? Bringing success to others.

Real estate is entirely relational. It’s simple: when you’re not looking out for the interest of your clients in this line of work, you’re not going to go very far. In fact, if you’re in it for anything other than serving others, you should reconsider your career all together.

That’s what drives me forward in the real estate realm – even though, you might say, I got into it by accident to begin with. 

It all started with a home purchase I made in college with my girlfriend, now wife. From there we both “caught the real estate bug.” We’d move into a home, fix it up, rent it and move on to the next property. 

We ended up moving five-to-six times within a four-year period (at some point, we just lost count!). 

Through this season, we learned how high the stakes are in this arena because we’ve lived them out in our day to day. Together, we were building our investment portfolio and learning the ins and outs of real estate acquisition and property management in Southern Wisconsin first hand.

So, when the opportunity came along in my real estate career to link arms with The Hub Realty, the choice was simple: 

It was a chance to join a team that operates its investment and commercial real estate strategy in the same vein. It was an opportunity to work among colleagues with whom I deeply respect and admire – and together, care for the people we serve.

Through my work and personal experience, I know just how important building and retaining trusting relationships is in this business. They can make or break you in this line of work; so it’s foundational in everything I do. For me, it’s not just about “winning” on behalf of my clients, it’s about putting their needs first, and serving them out of a genuine desire to see them grow and thrive.

To me, there’s nothing better.

When I’m not serving clients with The Hub Realty, you can find me checking out local lunch spots with my wife – bonus points for Italian food – taking care of our two dogs, and spending time at our family’s lakehouse when our busy schedules allow.

I’m looking forward to a longstanding career alongside The Hub and continuing to help enrich the lives of others through rewarding and fun work.