Katie Jo Schmitz Treating Each Transaction as Her Own

The market is full of dedicated Realtors – and I aim to outwork them all.

I was raised in Wausau, Wisconsin, the child of two teachers and born into a family of incredibly hard workers. My parents instilled a work ethic within me that I take into everything I do – from motherhood, to building a business connecting families to the next important piece of their story.

My work in real estate began shortly after I graduated from UW Madison. Though I’d left the area to pursue work in sales, I felt the city of Madison (and my long-distance relationship with my now husband), calling me back home.

I began selling condos alongside another Broker and mentor downtown, and loved what the industry had to offer me and my future. I learned that the real estate industry paired well with not only my personality, but with my strengths as a leader and a guide for those entering the often-overwhelming process of finding a home. To help families connect with a community makes a profound impact, and it’s truly an honor to serve the Madison area in this way.

To this day, I’m forever grateful for the lessons I learned in my first few years in the business. But in the back of my mind, I always knew I wanted to step out on my own. And while downtown condo living will always be an important focus of our business, I wanted to extend into other areas of Madison. From the beauty of the Isthmus, to the flourishing arts community and restaurants, there was a call for me to step out on my own – and perhaps, even work alongside my husband one day.

We followed that call and eventually established our own boutique real estate firm, The Hub Realty. Together, we work to bring a deep care paired with preeminent professionalism to the realm of real estate.

I take my work ethic, my diligence with transactions and patience to set myself and my firm apart from others. I want to make sure my clients – especially first-time home buyers – have a clear understanding of the contracts they’re entering.

It’s simply not enough to sign a dotted line and buy a home, I want my clientele to understand and be completely comfortable with what they’re signing. Furthermore, I want to make sure that transactions are done properly. When you treat transactions as if your own home, goals and family well-being are on line, you handle that responsibility with a special kind of earnestness and care.

In this day and age, and in a market that moves so quickly, it’s rare to come across Realtors who have the wherewithal to set themselves apart in this way. It’s with this attention to detail, along with my intimate knowledge of the Madison area, both as a Realtor and as a mother of two, that I approach my life and business.

It’s an honor to serve, and nothing compares to the privilege it is to watch families and lives unfold beautifully as a result.

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