Paul Richters – Building His Own Career

When I was in high school, I knew I wanted to make real estate investments.

The idea of school itself wasn’t interesting, at least, not at the time. To me, things like finance, the stock market and the analysts on Wall Street were much more exciting to learn about. I spent my time learning about the investment business from those in my sphere who had pursued similar ventures.

And even though, perhaps, becoming an investor isn’t the typical aspiration of a young student, the prospect of negotiating deals seemed way more appealing than the idea of working in a cubicle – a philosophy I hold true to this day.

I got my start in real estate as a licensed appraiser, and eventually owned and operated an appraisal company for a few years following my college years at University Wisconsin-Milwaukee. But after obtaining my real estate license, and even working as a “normal” realtor, I realized how fun real estate investment really is.

Another plus comes with the freedom the job provides, allowing me to the chance to work hard and scale my own portfolio, as well as affording me time for the occasional international trip.

To me, the idea of building my own real estate portfolio, and helping quality clients do the same, never gets old. I’d equate it to finding yourself in the middle of a game, constantly connecting investors with their next property, while at the same time maintaining and managing my own.

I grew up in Madison, Wisconsin, just a few doors down from the Schmitz family and have known Ryan since I was four years old. In the early days, we played whiffle ball together. But years later, we connected over our mutual work in multifamily property investment.

Eventually, he invited me to join the rest of his family at The Hub Realty; a true honor, especially in light of how seriously he and the rest of the team takes their emphasis on quality and professionalism, and how intentional they are in keeping their brokerage nimble.

It’s like an exclusive club with ample opportunities that I’m grateful to be a part of – especially in light of the fact that there aren’t a lot of realtors in Madison following this less traditional side of the business.

I bring an emboldened and energetic approach to the real estate investment game. Even in the midst of a lot of hard work and long hours, nothing compares to the freedom of negotiating a smooth deal and helping clients achieve their own investment goals.

 You get out of this career path what you put into it, and there’s really nothing like the thrill of that chase.

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