The day is finally here! It’s time to move into your dream home. We know this process can be exasperating. In fact, many health experts say moving is one of the most stressful things you can do. We understand why. Uprooting your entire life and starting over can be traumatic. Not to mention, you have to balance everyday responsibilities with a huge moving to-do list. That’s why we’ve put together this simple Moving Checklist for you. So you can check off boxes and focus on what’s most important: making your new house feel like home.

Clean Out Closets

Moving is an excellent opportunity to purge. It’s good to get the extra weight out of the way before you start packing your beloved belongings. Having trouble figuring out what to give away? Pick up each closet item individually. When was the last time you wore or used that item? Have you gone all year without using it? Do you have any strong feelings towards it? If not, put it in the giveaway pile. Use this opportunity to clear out any old paperwork too. It’s easy for old bills and mail to pile up in forgotten places. Take a quick picture on your phone of any documents or letters worth keeping. Make sure it’s uploaded onto the cloud. Then throw the physical copy in the recycling bin. When you’re finished, we recommend taking a load to Goodwill. 

Clean Out Your Junk Drawer

We all have that one junk drawer… or maybe a few junk drawers. I have to admit… mine includes several broken pencils and gum packets that are ¾ full. It’s time to toss or consolidate these items. Do a quick sweep of all the drawers in your home. Bedside tables, coffee tables, under-the-sink cabinets. Minimize all the contents. Then pack what’s left.

Pick Up Moving and Shipping Boxes

For a green method, stop by your local grocery store and ask to use their leftover boxes. Since Amazon bought Whole Foods, they are using more boxes than ever. They’re always a good option to contact. Their staff is typically ecstatic for unused boxes to be put to good use. You can also buy reusable plastic totes. These are great for attic storage or basement storage after your move. I like to pack my non-essential items in plastic totes. This way, I won’t have to unpack them when I get to my new location. I know that anything in a plastic storage tote stays packed. They remain labeled and organized. At least until the next time I need to fish out my inflatable Halloween ghoul.

Set-Up Water and Electricity

It takes time for utility companies to implement new contracts. For this reason, make sure to contact your providers at least two weeks in advance. The last thing anyone wants is to spend the first night in their new home without water. Or god forbid, without heat during a Madison winter. Here are some of the major providers in our area:

You can contact Madison Water Utility here.

You can contact Madison Gas and Electric here.

You can contact Alliant Energy here.

Set-Up Internet

In today’s world of remote work and global connectedness, the internet is no longer a luxury. It’s a necessity. Similar to water and electricity, make sure to contact your provider two weeks in advance. It’s worthwhile to do a little bit of research about your new internet company as well. Here’s a quick list of Madison internet providers we recommend:


TDS is Madison’s leading high-speed internet provider. Their plans come with 24/7 customer service. They’ve been a staple provider in Madison for over 50 years, beginning as a phone company and evolving over time. They now offer super-fast, lightening-speed 1 Gig fiber optic internet services.

Contact TDS here.

Charter Communications

Rebranded as Spectrum Cable, this company boasts affordability and contract-free internet services. This family-friendly company offers parental internet controls as part of their packages. Their packages also provide customers with a free security suite to help their customers with browsing privacy.

Contact Spectrum here.


AT&T is always a strong option for your internet. As a recognized national brand, they have the ability to back up claims of 99% internet reliability. You can also bundle your internet with phone and Direct TV packages.

Contact AT&T here.

Hire Movers

If you’ve hired movers once, you’ll never go back to doing the heavy lifting yourself. Movers make moving day exponentially less stressful. If you have pets, make sure they’re out of the way of the movers. Animals can be very protective of your home. And they’ve likely sensed things are changing. Putting them in the backyard for the day is the ideal solution. But if you don’t have a backyard, consider leaving them at a friend or family member’s house. Or consider boarding them. Here are some highly-rated Madison Moving Companies for you to choose from:

Badger Brothers Moving

Badger Brothers has fantastic reviews and a price-matching program. They even won Madison Magazine’s “Best of Madison” award in 2019. Get a free estimate here.

Mad City Moving

This company is another strong option. They’ve been in business for 37 years and have maintained an excellent reputation throughout their tenure. Contact Mad City Moving here.

Two Men and a Truck

Even though this is a national company, Two Men and a Truck do a great job maintaining quality service. They’re an excellent option for long-distance moves as well as local moves. Contact the Madison branch of Two Men and a Truck here.

Above Average Movers

Their name says it all. All customer testimonials for this company are above average. These guys have a small team and pride themselves on selective hires. They boast a swift but cautious approach to moving. Request a quote here.

Forward Mail to Your New Address 

It takes two minutes to forward your mail to your new address. Just click this link and fill out a quick form. If you’re feeling motivated, take a trip to the DMV and get your address updated on your driver’s license too. 

Wrap Fragile Items

Make sure to label all your fragile boxes accordingly. Then group those boxes. Your moving company will pay special attention to them. And they’ll take additional precautions by wrapping them in blankets or bubble wrap. For a green method, avoid using bubble wrap by using old T-shirts and towels instead. 

Pack an Overnight Bag

It’s hard to find anything your first night in a new house. Pack a designated suitcase with enough clean clothes and toiletries (including TP!) to last you a few days. Go ahead and put these bags in your car or somewhere they won’t get lost in the shuffle. Make sure you’ve packed comfortable clothes… you’re going to be doing a lot of moving around the next few days.

Keep your valuables with you. Are there any items that you can’t live without? Laptop? Jewelry? Keep these items with you at all times. The peace of mind that you’ll feel having these items packed on your person is invaluable.

Pack a few cleaning supplies and a corkscrew too. You may want a glass of wine when this long day is done.

Say Goodbye

Before you hand in the keys to your old place, do a final walkthrough. Meditate on the times you spent there and the memories you’ve made. Good, bad, growth opportunities, and laughs. If you have a family, children benefit significantly from closure. Recall your fondest memories. But also talk about all the new and exciting memories you’ll have in your new home. 

Are you a better-on-paper kind of person? Is an actual, physical checklist helpful for you? Click here for a downloadable version of this checklist.

Haven’t found your dream house yet? Shoot me an email. We can solve that.