Have you been struggling to find the perfect home for you? Touring a lot of homes but somehow, can’t find everything you’re looking for? It can be tempting to opt for building your home instead. There are so many beautiful lots and land tracts available in the Madison area. Building your own home means you don’t have to choose between a 3 car garage or a breakfast nook. No matter your style or priorities, Madison has some amazing home builders to choose from. Brand new homes mean no immediate maintenance or inspections to worry about. You’ll get to revel in the fun of selecting design elements and detail work. If building your own home is on your bucket list, here’s a list of the best home builders in Madison to choose from:

Veridian Homes Madison

This family-owned company has a bookshelf full of awards. Veridian Homes has been nationally recognized for its craftsmanship. Most Veridian homes have the custom farmhouse-fresh feel of a Magnolia Homes style. Their exteriors are timeless. They’re typically a modern twist of the craftsman era of architecture. Front porches and fireplaces are a go-to. 

Veridian is a well-oiled machine in its processes. They are very transparent with their pricing and have a design team and brand partners available to help with your selections. But nothing is out of the question. From glass mosaic designs to custom closets to a wine cellar (you have to have something to drink with your excellent Wisconsin cheese, right?).  Veridian often hosts open houses to showcase their best work. If you’re not up for the decision-making task of building your home from scratch, they do have some move-in-ready homes available. 

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Midwest Homes Inc 

A keystone of Midwest Homes Inc’s business model is its reliable build schedule. They understand the value of getting into your home when you need it. They’re completely candid about expectations and their biggest priority is their integrity. Both structurally… and ethically! They don’t cut corners to reach a certain price point. They want the Midwest Homes Inc brand to be associated with standing the test of time. You can get to know their builds at the June Parade of Homes event. If you decide to work with them you’ll design your custom plan in a 3-step process. Or you can choose from their set of pre-made home plans.

Tim O’Brien Homes 

Any book lovers out there? This is not the same Tim O’Brien you saw on your UW reading list. While he shares the same name as the famous The Things We Carried author, the similarities end there. This home builder is Madison’s go-to for green designs. Their designs all include energy-saving innovations, renewable technology, and environmentally friendly building practices. A Tim O’Brien build includes a 5- Year Energy Saving guarantee and a 10-year warranty. The Tim O’Brien team describes themselves as forever students. They’re constantly learning and implementing new ways to include green innovation. With eco-design being the cornerstone of the future, building (or buying!) a green home is a sound investment. Tall, vaulted ceilings, exposed beams, sliding doors, and large windows are all staples of an O’Brien home.

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Acker Builders 

Acker Builders is a family-run business that treats every build like it’s their own home. This is easy to claim… but hard to follow through with. We can attest, they really mean it. Only family can be 100% candid and brutally honest. When they do, you know it’s because they have your best interests in mind. Acker respects your unique style but won’t let you make any mistakes. And they’ll make the experience fun! Acker isn’t afraid to approach multiple architectural styles: from Modern to Traditional to Craftsman. You can view their catalog here

Hart DeNoble Builders

Hart DeNoble is an excellent high-end builder in our marketplace. A major perk of working with Hart DeNoble is their iron-forged relationships with vendors. This is a huge advantage when choosing your dream flooring, fixtures, and appliances. Typically, they only take on clients with a million-dollar budget or higher. They can afford to be picky about their clientele because their attention to detail and fine craftsmanship are unparalleled. This is highly evident through the awards they’ve won in 2020. DeNoble is the Madison 2020 People Choice Award winners for:

  • Best Construction 
  • Overall Home 
  • Curb Appeal 
  • Finished Basements 
  • Interior Design 
  • Kitchen and Bath 

The DeNoble team has built over 400 homes. This experience has made them masters of their trade. They have been fine-tuning their craftsmanship since the ’80s and are an excellent choice for your high-end build. 

Alterra Design Homes 

If you’re dreaming about a summer home or weekend getaway all to yourself, Alterra has a specialized Northwoods Department that focuses on lake homes and cabins. And they’re willing to travel to your remote property for the build! Many of their designs feel like a portal to simpler times. The details are up to you! But some of their most popular designs include:

  • Timber beams
  • Cedar walls (no drywall!)
  • Stonemason fireplaces and patios
  • Reclaimed wood 
  • Vaulted ceilings 
  • Amish-made custom cabinets. 

They incorporate natural elements like stone with deco-decor and geometric angles. Their natural-style builds are true masterpieces.

Vacation homes aren’t all they do…that’s just one department! The calling-card for their city builds is their bold and colorful flair. Their interior design department encourages tasteful pops of color. Statements like mosaic ceilings aren’t unheard of either. Their willingness to get creative and build a home that stands apart from the rest makes Alterra Design Homes truly special. 

Ready to Get Started? 

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Intimidated by a build?

If you would like to start the process of building you like the work of some of these fabulous home builders but aren’t up for the painstaking decision-making and patience that comes with building your own home...just let us know! We’ll track down all homes for sale in the area by this builder and take you on a custom home touring blitz.