Wills Manning – Running the Numbers

Rain, shine or snow, I run about four miles a day. It’s a habit I developed early on as an athlete, and that particular discipline has served me well in the world of real estate investment.

My job as an investment Realtor is a lot like running a race.

There’s a path set before you, but you need the motivation and the drive to keep moving forward.

No one else can lace up your shoes and put in the miles for you. That’s all you. It takes vision, endurance and consistent effort every day to become a high performer in this field.

It takes the initiative of a seasoned self-starter. And once you start, there’s no looking back.

Of course, not everyone in the world of business and entrepreneurship runs a well-worn, typical path. And I’m certainly no exception.

I grew up one of five brothers in Deerfield, Wisconsin; right outside of Madison. Together, we’d run around and explore our family’s 60-acre property together, even snowboarding in the winter months.

Early on, my parents, and particularly my grandfather, taught me the value of the dollar, how to save money and invest in the future. I have early memories of sitting in restaurants and wondering how they made their money – how the inner workings of that business performed.

These were the sorts of questions my grandfather asked, it was how his brain was wired; and it seemed I was following in his footsteps. That natural curiosity paired with encouragement from my family led to the start of my first landscaping business at the age of 12.

From there, the business grew and I was able to purchase my very first investment property at 16. My Dad and I took on the renovations together and rented it out to another family member – I was hooked.

From there, my portfolio grew, and I knew the world of real estate and the exciting prospect of investment properties would be my pursuit straight out of high school.  I’d already run a successful business, learned taxes and had plenty of hands-on, practical experience. I was ready to continue stepping into the business world.

Fast forward to today, and no matter how many successful transactions I’m a part of, I never forget the clear vision I had for my future at the start. I serve my clientele from a place of experience – after all, I’ve traveled down this road myself. 

And I’m honored to continue to run the race alongside my colleagues at The Hub Realty.

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