Sue Schmitz – A Lifelong Educator

You never stop learning or growing.

I’ve been an educator in the Madison Metropolitan school district for more than 33 years. And with that longstanding career comes certain habits you just don’t break.

Developing skills as a lifelong learner is certainly one of them; having a deep connection to the community, serving my clienteles through their home search process with a teacher’s heart is another.

It’s this drive, this combination of knowing Madison and continuing to foster relationships with students who’ve grown up and now have families of their own, that I’m proud to bring into my work with The Hub Realty.

I was born and raised in the Chicago, Illinois-area, and spent my college years at UW Madison. I fell in love with the area, and simply never left. My husband, Bill, and I met as freshmen in our college dorm. I spotted him wearing his Cubs jersey around, and we connected on our mutual love for the team.

Forty-one years later, we’re still Cubs fans.

Together, we’ve raised three children, and three grandchildren. Those wonderful additions to our family are what played a large part in my pivot from teaching into real estate.

As a proud mom, I’m thrilled to work alongside my son and daughter-in-law, and carry on the Schmitz family legacy. Through this career, I’ve enjoyed helping and connecting with families who are many times going through transitions of their own.

Finding homes oftentimes comes with some of life’s biggest changes – like new jobs or new family members – and my deep knowledge of the school systems and the surrounding neighborhoods helps the families I serve find a great connection to the Madison area.

Through my three decades serving in the school systems, I have the resources, and a natural ability to connect others in my network to ensure families have exactly what they need.

I know first-hand what a wonderful area Madison is to build a life and raise a family, and it’s an honor to watch the clients I serve continue to build upon their own family’s legacy and story.

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