When I am not working at the office or doing showings, you may find me with my computer out at one of the many coffee shops around Madison. Coffee shops are my go-to spots for casual meetings new clients and also where I go when I want to get inspired in creating new content and goal setting for my business.  I have yet to find a coffee shop that I hate in Madison, but here are my top five favorites:

Barriques –They have multiple locations around town for a quick stop anywhere.  I probably hit up the downtown and Middleton Barriques most frequently.  They always have a relaxing, low-key atmosphere and excellent coffee.  Bonus? If I stay there all day, I can even top things off with a glass of wine!

Colectivo – Great coffee, food, and even better atmosphere! I love the indoor/outdoor spaces and in the warmer months when they open those amazing garage doors and let the fresh air roam.

Ancora – Their newer location in downtown Madison is lovely, and their drink options are probably my favorite from this entire list. You have to try the white zombie, a unique drink made with white espresso beans.  It has a rich nutty flavor and the bonus of having more caffeine, which as a business owner and mom of two little boys, I can always use.

Lakeside St Coffee – Coffee with a view! A hidden gem, in my opinion.  A cozy venue with pretty views of the Monona bay.  The coffee, location, and occasional live entertainment make this an exceptional spot.

So if you are like me and feeling a little tired or looking to get out of the office for a change in scenery, check out one of these spots.  And let me know your favorites in the comments!