Madison is a mix of lakeside charm and Midwestern magic. People from all over the country are taking notice of our special city and investors are seeing jaw-dropping returns on real estate. According to Rocket, the average home price in Madison has increased by 46.3% in the last year. Spring and summer are historically the most popular seasons for real estate transactions. But there are some serious advantages to listing your home in autumn. Here are the 5 major benefits of listing your home this fall:

  1. Less Competition, More Opportunities

Madison has been operating in a seller’s market for several years. Many of the benefits of a seller’s market are amplified in the fall. Listings that haven’t sold in the warmer months will be taken down for the winter. With the holidays approaching, many homeowners considering selling homes feel too overwhelmed with holiday to-do lists to begin the process. When fewer homes are listed, your property faces less competition. This can lead to increased attention from serious buyers who are more likely to make offers. In a slower market, the buyers who are actively looking are often motivated and serious about making a purchase. 

  1. Quicker Closing Times 

In a spacious market, the sales process can be more straightforward. There may be fewer complications. Your transaction could proceed quickly without the delays caused by multiple competing offers or real estate agents who are juggling dozens of clients. With fewer buyers scheduling showings, it may be easier for sellers to accommodate requests. This can make the process more convenient for all parties involved. 

  1. Motivated Buyers and Sellers

Most buyers who enter the fall real estate market are serious about their pursuit. They may be relocating for a job, downsizing, or have other pressing reasons to buy, making them more likely to commit to a deal. Fall buyers tend to be highly motivated. There is a specific purpose behind their house hunt and they feel an urgency to settle in before winter. No one wants to move boxes while battling icy walkways! 

  1. Beneficial Pricing Trends

Analyzing web statistics for real estate pricing trends in Madison during autumn unveils a nuanced picture of market dynamics. The numbers tell us that there’s a small change in how much houses cost during this time. The prices go down a bit compared to when they’re highest in the spring and summer. Interestingly,  even though prices go down a bit, it doesn’t mean that houses are worth much less. Madison’s housing market remains strong, making it a good place for both people selling and buying houses in the fall. In 2023, houses are selling for almost 43% more than they were in September 2022. For example, in September 2022, a 3-bedroom house’s median price was $308.9K, but in September 2023, it’s $ 389.9 K. So, even though prices change a bit with the seasons, homeowners are still seeing a high return on investment. 

  1. Take Advantage of Seasonal Aesthetics

Never discount the benefits of a gorgeous photo. The Hub Team always implements a multi-faceted marketing strategy for their clients. This always includes high-resolution photography that shows the best side of your property. Our stagers and photographers always capture amazing shots. But nothing makes a photo more beautiful than natural aesthetics. The fall foliage in Madison is astoundingly beautiful. Capturing the season in your home photos gives it an immediate boost of cozy comfort. You can also stage your photos to highlight cozy interiors and seasonal charm. We always provide our clients with a checklist of how to prepare their homes for showings. In autumn, that includes decorating the home with seasonal decor. Try adding some pumpkins and gourds to your front porch. And never discount the charm that comes with a haybale and a scarecrow! It might seem corny (no pun intended) but these details go a long way. It makes it easier for buyers to visualize their best life in your home. With less rush and competition, potential buyers have more time to notice and appreciate the unique features and qualities of your property. 

Ready to take the leap?

The city’s unique appeal has attracted attention nationwide, with investors witnessing remarkable returns on real estate investments. Despite the historical popularity of spring and summer for real estate transactions, the fall season in Madison offers distinct advantages. If you’re ready to jump into the big pile of leaves that is Madison’s fall real estate market, you can get in touch with The Hub real estate team here.